Custom Software Development

Your business is both unique and yet like so many others in your industry. Custom software is designed by your uniqueness and makes you stand out from the pack. Custom software makes it simple and easy for customers to transact business with you resulting in a better top line. IT also makes it simple and easy for your employees to complete business transactions. Simple and easy done right reduces the marginal cost of each transaction; improving your bottom line.

TIMIT leverages proven software development processes, including Agile and DFSS. We couple these with a Risk Abatement process that not only ensures high quality but avoids falling into the 60% of IT projects that fail.

TIMIT’s Risk Abatement process sets trigger dates across the development schedule to proactively abate risk and take contingency actions as needed. This avoids “getting the bad news” that your project has failed. Instead we manage success proactively, together.