Mobile Apps

A great website is important, but not enough. Most – can we say 90% — of people just like you can do business with what’s in their back pocket. Your website helps brand you – all the glitter. Your mobile app lets everyone transact business with you easily whenever and wherever.

Your business mobile app needs to:

  • Motivate people to do business with you
  • Be in the 3% of apps people leave on their device
  • Make your business visible and available all the time

… oh and make you more money!

  • You will tell us what you want. Then let’s add some spice from the best out there along with some innovative ideas.

  • The color scheme and flow will align with your branding, your website and how you want the world to interact with your business.

  • You’ll see what is being developed so along the way you can make changes and adjustments.

  • Test driving will let you know if you’re ready to hit the road with your new app, and what if any final changes need to be made.

  • You can be rest assured your app (or apps) will be maintained as new versions by Apple, Google et al come out. You can keep things fresh and interesting by having your app enhanced and “changed up” from time to time.