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This time of year you see a lot of ads that give you a front row seat to the porch cameras versus porch grabbers playoff games. The field is composed of a porch, a highly technical doorbell that has a hi-res camera, and the package grabbers. Fun to watch only if you...

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Transformation or Reinvention?

Reading Mark Johnson’s Reinvent Your Business Model was not only a great read, but answered some questions from past experiences and posed a question to me. Is all the talk about “transforming” business the same as pursuing your business’s white space? Let’s first...

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Business Growth Acceleration in our Digital Era

The last two days I listened to experts in the fields of Artificial Intelligence (AI), Cyber Security, and Digital Transformation talk about how slow technology has changed in recent decades compared to the exponential change we will see in the next few decades. Oh...

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If there ever was a “Silver Bullet” Digital Transformation has filled the chambers of both the skeptics and the believers. If you live in the skeptics chamber you should check out a recent report from McKinsey that provides data from surveys showing that companies who...

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Is your website “Inclusive”?

It’s really all about fairness and inclusion.  Imagine what a challenge it is for people with disabilities to engage with your brand, interact with your content, and buy your products or use your services when your business website is inaccessible.  It’s a no-brainer...

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Is process efficiency important in your business?

Finally IT (information Technology) has permeated the population with TLAs (Three-letter-acronyms) so they are so ubiquitous people actually have an idea of what they are. By now everyone has heard about “AI”, “ML” and “RPA”. In fact I think A and I may now be the two...

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