Does What we say or How we say it matter most?

Let me hone in on a specific area of communication so the topic is not too broad - Customer Service. In one sense it’s easier to reach new customers today since they are all tethered by mobile devices. On the other hand it’s harder to grasp their attention amid the...

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What makes a great leader?

Leadership is one of those topics that has been around since the earth cooled, and still has either too many definitions or not one that we can all agree on. I had the opportunity to listen live to a diverse and intelligent discussion that spanned the gamut of new...

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Accelerate Your Business – Change Acceleration

This final video segment is on Change Acceleration. Technology has changed the way business gets done and so it's essential your business behaves in the way customers choose to do business with you. No one likes Change, and John Kotter articulates the reasons well in...

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Finding the Right CRM

Customer Relationship Management apps have been catalyzed by AI and ubiquitous data access. The key is to find the right one. In my recent video I claimed that until recently CRM had been an unsuccessful attempt to do what Harvey Mackay was able to so eloquently do...

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Recipe for the future

We humans have evolved quickly from pre-computer age to the introduction of the geek species that normed into a techie population, and now have an entire Gen Z who’s DNA seems co-mingled with technology. The next gen recipe calls for a dash each of humans and...

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Accelerate Your Business – Efficiency Technologies

When it comes to growing your business you need to attract new customers; but more importantly you must nurture your customer relationships.  Harvey Mackay was a pioneer who leveraged the rolodex to foster customer relationships. Until recently Customer Relationship...

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Accelerate Your Business – Part Two (of four)

1st Segment Recap: Taking action in the four areas discussed in this series will help you & your business “find a way or make one” to not only survive in our digital world but to accelerate. This second segment ask you to “Get Right with Digital”.   A great...

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Does your business have 2020?

When you hear “2020” it is almost always related your eyes and your ability to see clearly. When it comes to the year 2020 you can make this the year you see through the smoke and mirrors of “IT” to set a clear vision for your business. Make it transformative in terms...

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Accelerate Your Business – Part One (of four)

Our digital world seems overwhelming, but your business can not only survive but flourish in it! I believe the value you will get from this four-part video series will help you and your business “find a way or make one” so your business not only survives but...

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You-Sir error

This time of year you see a lot of ads that give you a front row seat to the porch cameras versus porch grabbers playoff games. The field is composed of a porch, a highly technical doorbell that has a hi-res camera, and the package grabbers. Fun to watch only if you...

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