As an IT Manager do you struggle with any of these?

  • Organizing the IT department services. “We are so disorganized!”
  • We struggle to balance and understand the resource workload between “planned and unplanned work.”
  • We are using multiple tools, and nothing connects “It’s very cumbersome and expensive.”
  • “Our customers are always complaining about our service response and lack of communication.”
  • Our projects are always late, and I take the heat! “I can’t gather the evidence to support the slippage.”

At TIMIT we have experience helping IT Managers with technology that reduces stress and gets them more recognition for their efforts. That’s why we are a reseller partner and implementer of Entry Software’s TeamHeadquarters solution, supporting IT service management.

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Enables you to effectively manage planned and unplanned work with extreme accuracy and control.

  • Easy access to all IT resources and workloads
  • Important Info at your fingertips in real-time
  • Quickly respond to C-Level and customer inquiry’s with accuracy

Helps your project managers to be successful

  • Easy access to view, schedule, and update my teams work assignments.
  • Understand resource capacity across multiple projects.
  • Communicate status to project teams, customers & stakeholders with ease.
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Makes it easier for technical resources to do their job

  • Easy access to view, schedule, and update my work assignments.
  • Working in a single app streamlines and organizes my work.
  • Now my managers no longer interrupt me to ask “what are you working on”?

Streamlines help desk work

  • Optimize and save hundreds of clicks per day.
  • Keep the help desk under control with simple automated processes.
  • Don’t let support requests or customer inquiry’s fall through the cracks.
  • Easily and effortlessly keep customers and techs well informed.
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Makes your C-level executives appreciate what you do

They see your IT department is in full control and so they need not be worried.

You provide all the information they need to make accurate, strategic decisions.

They stay well informed at all times.

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