Technology seems to be an essential part of everything – “the internet of things”

Delivering success since 2011, TIMIT Solutions was founded by Tim Montgomery. Since then Tim has brought a vast portfolio of experience working all around the world. His expertise in IT management and custom software development helped grow the business to a point where additional leadership was needed. Brynn Tornabene (CEO) and Kathleen Montgomery (CAO) joined TIMIT executive leadership to help drive TIMIT forward.

TIMIT leadership has proven success working for leading businesses and in running our own. Our focus is to accentuate what makes businesses like yours so successful.

Bring us your large or small IT projects, all types and sizes of businesses welcome. The experienced TIMIT Team has successfully resolved issues with existing applications and the Team has built complex, end-to-end business applications using state-of-the-art technologies. TIMIT can take you to the next level of IT for your business.

When you are looking for a company (partner) who listens to your needs, delivers the quality you expect, at a investment level you can afford, contact TIMIT.  You will discover that you have found the best solution.