Your multi-media presence needs to be cohesive. When you consider public relations, branding and media buying, you want a clear and concise message. Timit Solutions can help you put your portfolio together!


Branding is your lifeline. You need to create an entire package representing your company to attract new customers and retain loyal clients. Our team works together with you to develop clear goals and objectives. Together we can consider all the different opportunities and help you determine a course of action.


Take a look at your business cards, brochures and point of sale displays, from graphics to text and messaging to quality of printing and paper stock your marketing pieces need to showcase your business and relay the appropriate branding message.

Print Marketing

Traditional advertising methods are not dead, they just need to be considered carefully and your branding message has to be clear for the reader. Newsprint and magazines still reach an extensive audience that is already in market for your services.

Display & Billboards

Display advertising is all around as you go through your daily activities. When driving past your billboard on their way to work, strolling past your product display in a favorite store, pushing a shopping cart with banner advertising, you see ads on top of a taxi while stopped in traffic, you walking past a banner when catching a train or going by a trade show booth at an EXPO. All these media representations of your business need to be united into a concise offering and we can help you craft your message.

Public Relations

We can leverage the media works and integrates within all aspects of marketing and advertising to get your message delivered. We use our decades of experience advising, promoting and developing businesses to implement strategic communication plans that effectively build positive reputations and create awareness within the marketplace.

Media Buying

You can benefit from our relationships with key editors, writers, reporters and producers in every corner of the media world – daily newspapers; wire services; trade, consumer and business/financial magazines; broadcast and cable television programs; local and national radio; and new media outlets.

Television Production

TV and radio are free, and more Americans watch/listen as part of their daily activities. The general population spends over four and a half hours of their day’s attention tuned in! Television programming provides a built-in diverse and captive audience. This helps you reach targeted consumers at their most attentive time through stunningly creative combinations of visuals, audio, motion, and product/service demonstration.

Radio Production 

In the United States nearly 95% of people listen to radio weekly. They listen to radio when they wake up, on their way to and from work and in the office during the day. Many internet radio shows and channels are also incredibly popular. Get in front of the mass market with TV and radio and grow your visibility.

Video Production

Video has the most stopping power of all media. Video offers you a chance to tell your story, engage your audience and drive traffic to your website. We can create engaging content that makes your target audience stop, watch and stay for your full message. Video can be placed on YouTube for search, on your Web Site for viewing and be part of your employee training. Use video to do a multitude of jobs, from HR training to customer plant tours, there is no limit to your video production dreams (other than your budget!).