Business Process and CRM

We are excited to announce that the 2020 ‘ACCELERATE’ event is coming to Chicago on May 7-8! Join us at the premier gathering for IT and digital leaders to explore a world where everyone becomes a software creator using low-code technologies. You’ll enjoy two days packed with thought leadership insights and practical advice spurred by interactive sessions, round tables, product workshops, and customer success sessions. We are expecting 700+ attendees this year and we would be thrilled to see you among our guests!

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In our digital world it’s easy to understand how your customers can buy products and services without ever interacting with a human. Technology that exists today enables this to happen. Businesses that are leveraging that technology are connected with those buyers. Are your sales processes automated to this extent?

For business-to-business, a B2B customer uses six different interaction channels to consume information during the purchase process. Inconsistent experiences leave two-thirds of those extremely frustrated (Forbes). Are your channels putting money in the bank for your business, or are you leaving money on the table out of frustration?

Being an integrator of the leading technology in this space — Creatio — TIMIT can provide your business an efficient, cost-effective way to put more money in the bank and get more time back in your day. Let’s talk, we get IT!


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