What do we mean by low code?

Low code is exactly what you might think is it, the ease of developing something without actually coding. This development movement is disrupting the market.

Just think in the last 10 years we have come so far in prioritizing what we watch when we watch it (Netflix)

Becoming our own producers using our smartphones to post videos on social media, or photographers because we can all take and edit our photos in minutes to look like they were shot with an expensive camera.

Really what we are NOW able to do is having the luxury of being able to design and build our own apps and tasks at work. The drag-and-drop components we connect together and create processes that fit our own needs!

Creatio tools do just this. Their motto “Everyone a developer” concept is catching on. We can not only run our own applications but we are creating them.

Now normally people just make it work with what they’ve got, which is usually old programs that don’t “talk” to each other and involve lots of duplicating steps.

I cannot ignore those that are coders who may feel attacked or threatened but there will always be a need for hand coding. Someone has to create the low code/no code platforms and tools themselves.

But back to the benefits; wouldn’t it be nice if we had the tools to build our own set of rules without going through the same motions everyday. It has all been automated and you built it; there is no waiting around.

Here now finally low code/no code is becoming more known and will be essential to staying modern, staying competitive and frankly keeping your business alive.

Your customers preferences have changed and keep changing so being able to innovate quickly will keep you ahead of the rest. The flexibility to change and inevitably fail faster is a good thing.

Don’t let technology be the reason you feel held back.

Empower your employees; motivate them.

Companies need to start changing their strategies in order to stay relevant.

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