IT Talent Sourcing

IT Talent Sourcing - What it is

Talent Sourcing is a way to access talent without having to hire people in every area of technology. Or to get you the talent capacity you need now but may no longer need after a period of time. And hiring people can be difficult and usually more costly. Furthermore, hiring full-time employees creates the risk that you may have to let some of them go when your capacity needs or use of technology changes.

IT Talent Sourcing - What it does

IT Talent Sourcing is a way to get you…

  • “bubble capacity” to augment your IT Team for a period of time.
  • the talent you need to complete your IT projects more quickly.
  • help with your business digital transformation initiatives.
  • proven technologies to improve your customers’ experience.
  • simpler processes to reduce your operational costs.

IT Talent Sourcing - Key Lessons Learned

IT Talent Sourcing has evolved beyond the horror stories you may have heard during initial “offshoring” or what became generally called outsourcing. Books have been written about the lessons learned during that evolution. Let me highlight my Top Three lessons learned that prevail today.


  1. Be cognizant and appreciative of cultural, time zone, and alternative working models so that you take advantage of the positive opportunities rather than dealing with them as challenges.
  2. Leverage the help you can get from IT Talent Sourcing Experts to facilitate selection, negotiation, and effective and efficient use of any IT Talent Provider Partner.
  3. Collaborate with your IT Talent Provider Partner(s) so that the contract remains a necessary and important element of the relationship, but not the focus.

How we can help you

IT Talent Capacity Strategy: TIMIT leadership has experience that extends from the early days of IT “offshoring” through the evolution of outsourcing and in-sourcing models of today. Once we understand what you intend to accomplish we will work with you to identify the gaps in people, process, and technology needed to get you from where you are to reaching your goals. And then we will propose a set of alternative solutions that align with your business strategy and that meet your schedule and budget.

IT Talent Provider Selection: TIMIT has worked with numerous IT Global Talent Partners and has proven relationships that extend beyond three decades. We know them well in terms of what they do best and how they interact with various types of customers, across all geographies. Based on our experience and long-standing relationships we can help you find an IT talent provider that is the right fit for you. Furthermore, we can facilitate the process of selection, negotiation, contract preparation, and signoff.

IT Project Delivery: TIMIT has managed large and small IT projects for its customers both in collaboration with their internal IT Team and as completely outsourced projects. We can work with you on a Time & Materials basis or on a Fixed Price. Our process starts with a discovery process to provide you with documented details of the What, When, and Who actions that make up a project schedule, along with the How that details your investment in time, people, and money.

Establish your own Delivery Center: TIMIT has proven processes and vetted partners to assist you with the Planning, Set-Up, and Operation of either a Build-Operate-Transfer (BOT) or a Global Insource Center (GIC). We can help you with every part of establishing your own talent center in any geography, from location selection, real estate purchase, legal entity creation, fiduciary arrangements, recruiting, operations, and eventual handover if that is your strategy. With your own BOT or GIC, you can scale up talent in a lower-cost region that becomes part of your business strategy and culture. Not to mention the potential for more diverse ideas, creative talent, and innovation.