IT Talent Sourcing

What it is

IT Talent Sourcing is the process of attracting, selecting and engaging IT talent you need to execute your business strategy. Based on your CapEx/OpEx strategy talent can be engaged as hires, outsource consultants, or a mix of both. Having help from an expert can accelerate the process and avoid common pitfalls. Hiring for every IT skill can be difficult. Furthermore if you are trying to fill a temporary gap in an IT project hiring may not be the best choice. Conversely, the core talent your business needs for the long-term generates institutional knowledge and may be best to hire.

What it does

IT Talent Sourcing is a way to get you …

  • “bubble capacity” to augment your IT Team for a period of time.
  • the talent you need to complete your IT projects more quickly.
  • help with your AI and Data Analytics initiatives.
  • proven technologies to improve your customers’ experience.
  • simpler processes to reduce your operational costs.

Where to find help

IT Talent Sourcing that involves outsourcing has evolved beyond the horror stories you may have heard during initial “offshoring”. Books have been written about the lessons learned during that evolution. An outsourcing expert coach will get you the right talent, for the right price, and also steer you clear of known issues.

IT Talent Sourcing that involves hiring can be challenging with the current low unemployment rates. Yet with help from smart technologies and an expert coach you can find and onboard the IT talent you need quickly and easily. Customers tell us they save huge amounts of time and money with our help. With that comes decades of experience making hybrid teams (in-house and outsourced) collaborate efficiently and efficiently.

How we can help you

IT Talent Capacity Strategy: TIMIT leadership has experience that extends from the early days of IT “offshoring” through the evolution of outsourcing and in-sourcing models of today. And we have expert people and technology to streamline your hiring. We will work with you to identify the people, process, and technology you need to reach your goals.

IT Talent: TIMIT has worked with numerous IT Global Talent Partners. We know them well in terms of what they do best and how they interact with various types of customers, across all geographies. You will get High Quality Nearshore (LATAM) Talent and Global Experts in AI/ML and Data Analytics.

IT Project Delivery: TIMIT has managed large and small IT projects for its customers. We can manage your entire project, or any portion of the deliverables. And we can do Time & Materials or Fixed Price.

Establish your own Delivery Center: TIMIT can assist you with the Planning, Set-Up, and Operation of either a Build-Operate-Transfer (BOT) or a Global Insource Center (GIC). This includes geography  selection, real estate purchase, legal entity creation, fiduciary arrangements, recruiting, and operations.

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