Custom Software Development

Understanding Your Business

When it comes to Custom Software Development It may sound strange for an “IT Services” company to say it’s not about technology, but it’s not. It’s about your business. Using technology to accelerate a bad business process will only make bad things happen faster!

Given that every business is different, it’s important for us to sit down and have a real conversation with our customers.  This investment of time is necessary to fully understand the “ins and outs” of their business and the outcomes they expect.  Only by knowing this can we provide a solution that is right for a specific customer, instead of taking a less-effective cookie-cutter approach.

Right for YOUR Business

Customers come to TIMIT because they are frustrated and overwhelmed by application inefficiencies that don’t work the way they want to run their business. Their sales people and customer service reps are spending way too much time on manual processes and data entry instead of selling and servicing their customers.

Your Custom Software will do exactly what your business needs it to do and nothing more. It will be designed and developed so you pay only for what you use, not all the extra stuff you do not need.

Make IT work for You


Automate time-consuming manual scheduling 

Streamline processes and bring together silos of information

Leverage AI to reduce costs

TIMIT’s niche is working with mid-market businesses streamlining processes to accelerate their business. Once that is done then we define a Custom App that does just what our customer’s business needs and no more. We design the App so it can scale, extend, and be expanded upon. By streamlining and automating business processes and applying the right App our customers realize efficiency improvement on average of 37%.

We believe in finding the right solution that accelerates your business!