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Go Mobile!

When it comes to development time and the cost of your mobile app development, it will vary depending on the type of app you choose and how robust you would like it to be. You have three choices.

A Web App is quicker to develop and lower cost, but will have less functionality and requires the user to have an internet connection.

A Hybrid App takes advantage of some of the smart device functionality, even when not connected to the internet. The development time and cost will be a bit higher than a Web App.

To take full advantage of the smart device functionality and features choose a Native App. You get local processing power and storage, and the ability to operate without an internet connection. Native Apps take longer to develop and cost more than Web or Hybrid Apps.

Customized to your business

Your Mobile App can be customized exactly to suit your business and customer needs. You decide the functionality you want, the look and feel, and the unique features that will differentiate your business and please your customers.

You can even start small and expand and enhance your App over time to meet your schedule and budget needs. This way your customers continue to appreciate new features and fucntionalities.

We work with you to determine your needs and then structure the development in phases so you get your App quickly to market and so you can spread out the cost over a period that suits you. And we’ll be there to provide complete maintenance and support of your App.

Make IT work for You

You never leave home without your smart phone. All your business needs is a mobile app to let your customers in. Put your business in their back pocket!

 What Mobile Apps do for your business

Be visible to new customers

Create a direct marketing channel

Give customers what they expect

Build brand recognition

Increase customer engagement

Stand out from your competition

Cultivate customer loyalty

Have questions? Prefer us to reach out to you? Let us know how we can help you get your App off the ground and into people’s hands!

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