Bpm’online studio will now be FREE as of June 5th

Yup! Bpm'online will be offering the studio package for FREE! Why sign up? Support "Everyone a developer" concept which in the coming years will amount to over 50% of application development Learn the core feature of bpm'online and how to easily streamline business...

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AUTOMATION is a double-edged sword

Is there an ad nowadays that can live without using the vowels A & I? Let’s limit this topic to “A” and not include any artificial ingredients! When it comes to running your business efficiently you naturally want to streamline operations to be more responsive to...

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Accelerate 2019 Event -Miami

TIMIT Solutions, partner of bpm'online, attended the Accelerate 2019 Event in Miami FL.  Bpm'online put together a well organized group of business and tech leaders sharing innovation strategies to accelerate business growth. The workshops and customer testimonials...

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Value of Compliance

When it comes to IT compliance the discussion often moves to security compliance. That’s important for your business but not your only significant compliance risk. What if you are committed to being the most dependable manufacturer of apparel, accessories, and...

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Discovery worth IT?

There’s a lot to be said for Nike’s “Just Do It!” (no IT pun intended here), but when it comes to IT jumping to code may not be the best approach. Just as embarking on a journey to a new land involves “discovery”, you need to do the same to increase the odds you’ll...

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The age-old decision between build it or buy it has been the source of great due diligence and resulted in numerous models that argue one or the other. Similar is the decision to hire or contract for talent. My earlier blog on “Bubble Capacity” supports the argument...

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Find the “AI” in better

“Done right, machines could help us learn to be better humans.” (If you haven’t read Linda Rodriguez McRobbie’s article on AI it’s worth a read - https://www.strategy-business.com/blog/How-Artificial-Intelligence-Can-Make-Us-Better-at-Being-Human) Let’s try to...

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Bubble Capacity?

“Bubble Capacity” has nothing to do with blowing through a soap dipped circular wand. It refers to capacity (in this case IT people) needed to handle spikes in demand. Creating this capacity effectively and efficiently will help your business be more agile and cost...

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Partner versus Vendor relationship

Does your business have a partner or vendor relationship with your IT Service provider? Let me provide my opinion why it matters and what it can mean for your business. It is based on my experience as a customer of numerous IT Service providers and my experience...

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Business Outcomes beyond just “IT”

Just as businesses focus on outcomes such as: • Increasing Revenue • Accelerating Customer Acquisition • Improving Operational Efficiency • Developing Effective Strategies, and • Executing Well on those strategies when you engage with a service partner you expect them...

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