Commitment to accessibility

TIMIT is committed to provide the best experience possible for people with disabilities who visit our website. Specifically. we use the WCAG guidelines to improve our website and will continue to improve it over time. And we installed the AccessiBe AI tool that enables visitors to adjust aspects of content to suit their particular needs and preferences.

Steps we’ve taken to improve accessibility

  • Enabled use of keyboard and function keys in place of mouse
  • Added “skip navigation” to allow control over content access
  • Improved contrast ratios to improve visibility
  • Increased fonts to a minimum of 14 point to increase readability
  • Added Alt Text to make screen-readers more effective
  • Installed AccessiBe AI tool to allow visitors to further enhance aspects to suit their particular needs

Ongoing accessibility efforts

  • Utilize accessibility testing tools to assess and correct issues
  • Add Close Captioning and Narration to enable screen-readers
  • Welcome feedback from advocacy groups, accessibility specialists, and people with disabilities to help us improve beyond stated guidelines

Support Offered to persons with disabilities

TIMIT personnel make themselves available by email and by phone to assist with the use of our website for persons with disabilities. Please see TIMIT Accessibility Notice on our homepage.

Please send us your questions and feedback

TIMIT welcomes and truly appreciates receiving your questions, critique and feedback as means to improving the accessibility of our website. Please send your emails to [email protected] or call us at 518-480-7164 and after instructed simply state your name as “accessibility” so we give your call top priority.


Resources for more information on Accessibility