TIMIT Executive Team

The TIMIT Team believes finding the right technological solution starts with a discovery process. Only by finding what your business truly needs can we improve the status quo of your operation.

Through the discovery process we listen to and work with you and your team and document our understanding of your business and the job you want to get done. From this understanding, which we validate with you, only then can the right solution be determined. At TIMIT we know it is not about selling technology. Making sure your business processes are efficient, your organization is working effectively, and you provide your customers with a great experience is what matters. Leveraging technology to make all this come together is just the icing on the cake.

TIMIT has the talent and experience to help you accelerate your business. You can get ahead of your competition with the right team in your corner. Let’s talk; “We Get IT”.

Brynn Tornabene
Kathleen Montgomery
Tim Montgomery

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German Shephard Dog
Brynn (and Joe's) Shephard Zoey & Kathy and Tim's Husky Bella

Red-haired Husky and Black and brown German Shephard on couches and floating on pink and blue floats in pool

Red-haired Husky dog