Customer Relationship Management

It's what keeps you close to your customers, and customers coming back
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Customer Relationship Management

Just what is CRM?

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is used to improve how you interact with your existing and future customers. With everything digital gone are the days of relying solely on personal face-face interactions. CRM pulls together all forms of interactions your customer choose to use to do business with you. That includes face-face, phone calls, online sessions, your website and mobile app, and all forms of messaging. That is a ton of data that an effective and efficient CRM system integrates to give you a 360 degree view of these interactions. It also provides you a clear picture of where you are doing well, and where you need to improve.

How new is CRM?

CRM has been around for a long time, but until fairly recently many CRM implementations resulted in:

  • Poor adoption rates with sales people
  • Extra work being added to your businesses processes
  • Disconnected information and gaps in processes
  • Poor ROI on your investment

Why your business needs CRM?

Even though CRM has become very affordable many SMB companies still question why  they need it. Well here is why your business needs CRM to accelerate growth:

  • Waiting to complete an NPS score takes too long.
  • Reading customer reviews is like driving using your rearview mirror.
  • Customer feedback is generally negative and given when a decision to leave you has already been made.
  • Using Excel to run your business is a lot of work and creates silos of information.
  • Your customer are in control how they want to interact with you, not the other way around.

Is my current CRM OK?

If you already have a CRM and it does not easily answer the following questions it is time to replace it.

  • Is the way you sell how your customers choose to buy?
  • Are you serving your customers how they want to be served?
  • Are your sales trends aligned to your business plan?
  • Which of your sales channels are performing the best?
  • Which customer interactions are those you need to focus on most?
  • How many current, past, and prospective customers do you have?
  • Which type of leads are benefitting your business the most?
  • Who are the potential customers you do not know exists?
  • Who should be contacted when their sales rep is available?
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Symptoms of poor CRM?

If you are not sure if you need to replace your CRM here are some symptoms:

  • Disconnects between marketing, sales, and service
  • Flow of customer information depends on manual effort
  • Your sales people choose not to follow your sales process
  • You have no idea why sales are going up or down
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What to expect from CRM?

The value you will realize from the right CRM include:

  • All your customer information is easily accessible from any method
  • You know immediately what your customers need
  • You can easily engage the right people to serve any specific customer need
  • Your sales people love using it because it gives them time back in their day
  • Increase operational productivity by an average of 30%
  • No customer is left waiting when a sales rep is unavailable
  • Track lead generation by campaign and source
  • Always understand ROI and success of every marketing campaign
  • Knowing not only which of your sales people are performing best, but why
  • Have complete customer understanding that increases your ability to upsell and cross-sell more effectively
  • Personalize your service to every customer
  • Your interactions seamlessly bring together in-person, phone calls, online, emails, and messaging
  • All your customer information is at your fingertips and available in the dashboard of your own design
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Let's discuss what CRM is right for you

Based on your specific situation we will recommend what we feel is best for your business and explain why. Then we can proceed with a detailed Discovery or schedule a demo of the CRM we feel is best in your situation.

Check out information on CREATIO CRM

TIMIT is a reseeler and implementor of CREATIO BPM/CRM. CREATIO is an extensive Low Code CRM and BPM platform. It is best suited for medium to lagre size businesses.

Check out information on Freshworks CRM

TIMIT is a reseeler and implementor of FreshWorks CRM. Freshworks CRM is a powerfull, AI-driven platform suited for all sized businesses, and fits well even with small to medium sized businesses.