This final video segment is on Change Acceleration.

Technology has changed the way business gets done and so it’s essential your business behaves in the way customers choose to do business with you.

No one likes Change, and John Kotter articulates the reasons well in his book My Iceberg Is Melting.

I credit to experience from my years at GE where GE pioneered Change Acceleration. You need a well-defined plan to accelerate change. To quote Warren Buffet “An idiot with a plan can beat a genius without a plan”.

Your plan needs to be tightly integrated with your HR strategy and OD programs.

As we think about the four segments in this video series…

  • An effective business model gets you on first base
  • Getting right with digital gets you to second
  • Leveraging efficiency technologies gets you on third
  • Change Acceleration will get you to home plate!

Your action – Dedicate a Change Agent in your company who has experience integrating people, process and technological change, or get an expert consultant to drive this as a program. If internal pull this person from her current role and make this her full-time job with a VP or SVP title and the authority it will need to drive change.

Google “GE CAP” to find resources or contact a consulting that knows this model or has one of their own. Reach out to a few and be sure to understand from their point of view, what they need to be successful in your business. They need to know your business, and your organization to be effective.Wall showing arrows that take routes around, under and through the wall.

To summarize, if you take actions to

  • Redefine your business model to attract new customers and strengthens your customer relationships,
  • Be digital. It’s no longer a choice not to be,
  • Leverage efficiency technologies designed around BPM & CRM, and
  • Actively Practice Change Acceleration your business will “find a way or make one” to not only survive but accelerate and flourish in our overwhelming digital world.


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