When it comes to growing your business you need to attract new customers; but more importantly you must nurture your customer relationships.  global team business shake hand and meeting silhouettes

Harvey Mackay was a pioneer who leveraged the rolodex to foster customer relationships. Until recently Customer Relationship Management (CRM) products failed to effectively and efficiently produce what Harvey Mackay’s rolodex could do, even if they tried to blame it entirely on low adoption rates.  Picture of the words NO and Low sghring the ketter "o" with the word "code" inside it.

New CRM pioneers have emerged with Low code/No code efficiency technologies that can help your business accelerate by efficiently strengthening the relationships with your customers.

Leverage these efficiency technologies, and stop working on those long draw-out ERP projects that tend to drift away from your business strategy before the ink dries! Let your ERP take care of the back-end routines it had promised to do, but leverage efficiency technologies that were designed to help your business accelerate, digitally.

Your action is to find and decide on the efficiency technologies that both facilitate business process change, and that fit your customer-centric business model. Those will be designed around BPM & CRM.

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