Our digital world seems overwhelming, but your business can not only survive but flourish in it!

Human hand reaching finger to finger of a non-human hand suggesting AI connection

I believe the value you will get from this four-part video series will help you and your business “find a way or make one” so your business not only survives but accelerates in our digital world.

Customer behavior changed with all the advances in technology; and you’re being barraged with AI, ML, RPA, etc. as what your business needs to keep up. Forget the hype and take action in four key areas covered in the four segments of this series.

Let’s distill the madness.

  • Your business needs customers to make money;
  • Your business need to attract and satisfy those customers; and
  • Technology is accelerating the timetable, so change acceleration is critical to your business.

So what can you do? Follow these four steps (covered in the four segments of this series)

  1. Ensure you have an Effective Business Model,
  2. Get Right with Digital,
  3. Leverage Efficiency Technologies, and
  4. Practice Effective Change Acceleration.

Mark Johnson explains in his book Reinvent Your Business Model, your business model details how you get a job done for your customers that is not already being done or done well. And to be effective it must have a clear Customer Value Proposition, efficiently apply your business resources and processes, and generate acceptable profit levels.

For step one, I urge you to take action; read and follow what’s in Mark’s book or contact a consultant that can assist you.

Listen to full video version here