1st Segment Recap: Taking action in the four areas discussed in this series will help you & your business “find a way or make one” to not only survive in our digital world but to accelerate.

This second segment ask you to “Get Right with Digital”. A silver-colored bullet with inscription Digital Transformation 

A great example of an industry that got turned on its head by digital is the newsprint industry. If you are still shuffling papers to interact with your customers, you’re simply out of touch. The key to your door is in the back pockets of at least 85% of the population.


If your business is not already digital, then you need to take action to digitize your business processes.

Before you jump to some digital solution, the first action you need to take is to make your business processes more efficient. In segment three we explain the need to find the right “efficiency technologies” to facilitate making the your new processes digital.

You make your business processes more efficient by mapping your business processes from the outside in. In other words, map how your customers behave, and work all the way back to how your business behaves.

There’s always three versions of your business processes

1. How your customer wants your business processes to behave

2. How you think your processes currently behave


3. How your business processes really behave

Then it’s a matter of re-mapping your current (“As-Is”) business processes to become how your customers want your business to behave with them (“To-Be”)? If you do not have people internally that can lead this find one of the many expert Business Process Management firms to help you.

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