Putting AI to work in your business

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is all the rage, just when some are still busy with “digital transformation”. Yet they go hand-in-hand since the fuel AI runs on is digital data. Together AI, data, and the AI models you choose create the high-octane fuel to drive your business outcomes – Faster. So for the believers, how do you go about putting AI to work in your business? It takes a little more than ready, aim fire. But the steps are straightforward.


  1. Understand what you have. Analyze your environment, the data, your processes, and your talent to expose opportunities to leverage what you have, and to shore up areas that can use a little help. You may realize your data is siloed and needs to be interconnected to be used more effectively. Manual processes can be automated, or completely changed to improve both customer and employee experience. Your organization can be bolstered with training, or upskilling in business acumen, technology, or both.
  2. Focus on what matters. Work backward from what your customers, and employees, want and need, That will make it clear where to focus on what needs to change and improve. Then focus on the change that will positively impact your customers, your employees, and your business.
  3. Explore your options. Seek out use cases where AI has proven to create the outcomes you want for your business. Even if a bit of translation is needed steal shamelessly rather than reinvent the wheel – unless necessary.
  4. Engage at a personal level. Lead, and engage all levels of your organization. Mandates have been proven ineffective. Creating enthusiasm and participation throughout your organization will accelerate positive change and business outcomes.
  5. Persist in your lead. Enable champions to rise in all functions of your organization. This is not an “IT” initiative. IT is just one important player on your team and your journey. Stay visible, and persist in leading this journey.


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