I read an article today by Jason Bloomberg (you can read it here for yourself) that resonated with my many years in “IT”. Let me first give my opinion on “IT” as part of the business. I agree with Jason that CIOs want “a seat at the business table”. I have witnessed only the CIOs that understand what it means, and who commit to doing the hard work, get to own that seat. Enough on CIOs.

Information Technology is just that. It is one element of running a business. Over the years Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) has carried the mantra that it is based on “best of breed” so businesses benefit most by following the defined processes integrated within the ERP package. If this were the panacea it suggests then why do we need CEOs? CFO? Any CxOs?

Whether for-profit, non-profit or the government sector any investment (IT or otherwise) is all about attaining ROI. To do that you need an accurate baseline and the right metrics and measures to measure ROI. You can be 100% confident that you’ll find a way to spend the money. Confidence in attaining ROI starts with committing the resources (in the business), doing the hard work to execute, and transparently measuring and reporting the outcomes.

So TIMIT’s take on Business Transformation is that:

  • It’s about your business
  • IT is part of the team
  • Success is measured in positive business outcomes
  • It’s not a “project”, but persistent acceleration of your business

TIMIT’s mantra is that we deliver on our promises. We understand to get your business what it needs to succeed is likely to involve IT, but that IT is not the tip of the spear. The right business strategy is that. Executing that strategy effectively and efficiently is the roadmap to realize positive ROI.