CREATIO is more than just CRM. It offers full BPM as well!

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CREATIO is a Low Code/ No Code platform. No tech, OK

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CREATIO allows you to easily optimize business processes!

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Accelerate Your Business

ACCELERATE your business transformation using Creatio’s LOW CODE BPM Platform built on a UNIFIED environment to streamline your processes and enhance customer experience.

In our digital world it’s easy to understand how your customers can buy products and services without ever interacting with a human. Technology that exists today enables this to happen. Businesses that are leveraging that technology are connected with those buyers. Are your sales processes automated to this extent?

More Money. Less Effort.

For business-to-business, a B2B customer uses six different interaction channels to consume information during the purchase process. Inconsistent experiences leave two-thirds of those extremely frustrated (Forbes). Are your channels putting money in the bank for your business, or are you leaving money on the table out of frustration?

Being an integrator of the leading technology in this space — Creatio — TIMIT can provide your business an efficient, cost-effective way to put more money in the bank and get more time back in your day. Let’s talk, we get IT!

Complete Solution

Marketing Creatio is a robust marketing automation software that helps to gain demand generation excellence through identifying customers’ needs and nurturing their interests until they are successfully transformed into opportunities.

Sales Creatio delivers end-to-end sales processes to manage the complete customer journey – from lead to order, and continued account maintenance. Best-in class technology enables the system to connect the dots between marketing, sales and customer service, allowing companies to effectively manage every stage of customer interaction.

Service Creatio offers out-of-the-box processes based on industry best practices. Manage customer requests and automate service operations by following predefined processes for customer care excellence.