Your CRM "got your back"?

Like a little “ai” to spice up your sales bonus?

How about CRM working for you, instead of you working for it!

Like a SMART CRM powered by AI?

Now there is a CRM that works for you!

  Understand visitor intent. Track page visits and even actions on your site.

  Chat in real-time with website visitors using AI-powered chatbots

  Build custom web forms and automatically capture visitor information

  Tailor email campaigns and generate cost-effective leads for sales

At TIMIT we have experience helping sales and marketing people close more deals and increase their commissions . That’s why we are a re-seller and implementer of Freshworks CRM.

Context Driven

Collaborate on “whatever” you are working on!

  • Standard: Deals
  • Custom: Reservations, Claims, and Anything else!

Channel Agnostic

Collaborate from “wherever” you are!

  • Freshworks CRM
  • Partners Apps: Slack, MS Teams, Dropbox etc.

Native to workflow

Collaborate with UX native to your workflow!

  • Discuss a deal in a channel
  • Comment on a deal quote
  • Convert discussions to tickets
Group of happy young multiracial people working in modern light office. Businessmen at work. Feeling of success

We can make any of these a reality for your business

  • Replace disconnected spreadsheets with integrated customers channels
  • Quickly make your sales process easier and more effective
  • Show you how adding CRM does not take a lot of time and money
  • Get closer to your customers than your competition is
  • Replace your current legacy CRM with tools everyone will love using!

Start you FREE Trial of Freshworks Sales today!