I’ve often heard it takes two in reference to a lot of different things. Well I thought I’d share with you today two things that really seem to matter each and every day. It’s the attitude you bring yourself and the attitude of those who you meet.

While connecting in Chicago on my way to a Minneapolis business meeting I was notified that the person I was meeting with had taking ill and we’d have to reschedule. Rather than look at this as something bad that happened in my life I decided to take this time I was given back to write a short blog on my experience here in Chicago, and with the Minneapolis Hilton person I spoke with. I went to United Airlines customer service and the woman who assisted me had such a positive and courteous attitude I couldn’t help but smile. She was just simply wonderful and got me all taken care of. I then read my email from Hilton stating the time to cancel my reservation had expired but offered a number I could call. I called the Hilton in Minneapolis and the woman I spoke with graciously waived the cancellation fee and said she looks forward to seeing me when the meeting is rescheduled.

So often it’s so easy to think situations are unfair to us and take a poor me attitude. I know I’ve been guilty of this way too often. I thought I’d share this with you just to show that choosing a positive attitude myself and finding two wonderful people that had positive and courteous attitudes made this situation one I can remember with a smile.

Bring a good attitude to the rest of your day and I hope that brings you smiles as well.