Managing Cash in Inflationary Times

New technology can help your business operate more efficiently, but that is not where you want to start. Let us explain why…

Working with our customers they have discovered the following as a pareto of costs correlated to areas of their business.

Pareto chart showing processes, then employee engagement, then labor & material and then SG&A as highest to lowest correlated to operating costs

The first step is fixing your processes

Through Business Process Mapping you will find there are three versions of a process. Working through this with you, you will improve your operations by removing waste, automating manual effort, and helping your employees be more productive for your customers. The efficiency and effectiveness of your business processes directly determine the rolled-throughout-yield of your business outcomes.

Discvoery Process Diagram showing three versions of a process

Next, understand employee and customer needs and behaviors

When done right and for the right reasons, technology will help your employees get more done while being less stressed. And it will deliver the experience your customers want when they buy your products and services. If your current technology is not making your employees’ work less stressful, or if it is not aligned with the behaviors of your customers then it is hurting not helping your business.

Four pictures Happy business people giving thumbs up, smiling and clapping

Then decide what technology you need to accelerate your business outcomes

Then determine the right technology to layer on top of your optimized business processes that best serve the needs and behaviors of your employees and your customers. We will consider market solutions, custom apps, and services that give you the capacity you need and that let you focus on the most important aspects of running your business. And then we will make sure it is implemented successfully.

Man writing on on board with words of consulting, strategy, software, ...