We strongly believe in helping alleviate some of the remote issues you may be facing and thank you to those organizations who continue to work through tough situations in an effort to stop the spread. Again, We Thank You. 

The COVID-19 virus outbreak requires many organizations to react quickly, keep track of mounting requests, and automate processes to handle the increased workload without errors. Therefore, Creatio has made a decision to offer Service Creatio, customer center edition to organizations working to stop the spread and/or mitigate the consequences of the COVID-19 for free.

What features are in Service Creatio?

If you or your peers are working in healthcare, charity, volunteering, governmental and similar organizations and are directly assisting people and companies with measures against COVID-19, please fill in the form on the website to request free access to Service Creatio. The access will be granted for the period from March 24, 2020 through October 1, 2020 at no cost to all organizations that qualify.


We (Creatio and TIMIT) have always been committed to helping companies automate processes and accelerate operations and now more than ever we feel that we are obliged to help those on the front line in the fight against COVID-19 to be laser-focused on saving lives and let Creatio handle their routine tasks.