At TIMIT we have experience helping our customers reduce the stress of work schedules. That’s why we are a re-seller and implementer of ShiftLink.

Fill more shifts.
Quickly and efficiently.

Doctor and Nurse talking
  • Days to implement. Minutes to learn. Seconds to use.
  • ShiftLink can save up to 75% of time spent calling staff.
  • Overtime, external agency, and administrative costs go down.
  • Staff who want the shift.
  • Managers with time to do more.
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Helping you eliminate the time, cost, and frustration of filling vacant shits, simply!

  1. Post an available shift
  2. Employees review the shift details and either accept or decline a shift
  3. Award the shift!

Employees will be notified using our app on their mobile device.

hand holding a mobile phone, and Union Supported stamp to right of that pic

Other Features:

> Shift History

Who was notified, who responded and who was awarded the shift; ShiftLink shift history archives every transaction

> Custom Reports

Run reports based on location, profession, individual employees and more.

> Code Orange

When you need to reach everyone right away, our emergency broadcast option gets your message out to every staff member instantly.

> Multi Shift Posts

Post multiple shifts at a time and award shifts to multiple staff members when you have several vacancies available for the same shift.