How could I possibly get business done without leaving my house?

How can I work with my team remotely?

Well if you have a laptop and a cell phone you’re halfway there. More importantly are you able to access customer information, continue projects with co-workers, change, or send updates to customers all while documenting and saving your steps?

Now more than ever we need to be able to provide whatever is necessary that attracted your customers in the first place.

Beyond your product or service is the experience you can continue to give in any circumstance or on-the-go.

Now of course it is not the case for every industry, for example, if there is no one in the factory to make you the parts you need to run your machine then orders cannot be completed. On the other hand, if you are working on a team to help a company grow their presence online, or plan for retirement, or in my case build a new project management application then these can be done from your kitchen table; provided you have implemented a useful CRM platform like Creatio.

With Creatio you can still…

  • Create and maintain a complete employee/customer database
  • Set and track team schedules
  • Monitor list of activities for staff, track workloads and project roles
  • Set up internal and external automated billing
  • Collect vital client data via multiple channels
  • Use multiple criteria to segment clients
  • Keep track of communication history
  • Enrich your clients’ profiles with the information from open sources
  • Analyze your client database to identify new opportunities
  • Create and launch multichannel marketing campaigns
  • Automate sales processes, expand opportunities for cross sales
  • Track history for each opportunity, select the best sales strategy
  • Keep track of the client agreement terms fulfilment

The outlook on working remotely is more likely that things won’t get done, customers will not be satisfied. If your applications are not allowing you to continue sales, communicate, and market to new customers then there is a disconnect in your business process. Would you be ok with a person or business you rely on to simply go silent?