TIMIT Solutions, partner of bpm’online, attended the Accelerate 2019 Event in Miami FL.  Bpm’online put together a well organized group of business and tech leaders sharing innovation strategies to accelerate business growth. The workshops and customer testimonials only proved that this BPM/CRM platform can cater to all industries of any size.

Some key takeaways…

– As long as it’s automated and the process works that’s all the customers care about

– BPM is the core of this platform

– Controversy over the topic that eventually everyone will be considered a developer or in other words “Citizen developers” ; do you agree? If we continue down the road of “no code/ low code” concept.

– Customers can only accelerate if you allow them to do so with what you have to offer

-Bpm’online’s proven platform ensures you get your business processes right before you automate them so you accelerate in the right way and the right direction

– Bpm’online’s platform puts you in control of your business and processes
– Leveraging the bpmonline platform enables you to reduce your number of IT solutions and their costs
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