Triangle with Positive Cash Flow, Quality Prodcust and Services, and Consistent Growth at the three cornersHow do you achieve growth, quality, and positive cash flow? Things you have little control over may lead you to make decisions that hurt one or all of these. For example, if your supply chain becomes an issue you may be forced to keep more on-hand inventory to offset longer material lead times. That increases your carrying cost which cuts into your cash flow. And when human resources become scarce or more costly you may defer critical technology programs. Deferring these may negatively affect your customers’ experience which in turn may stagnate growth. Yet if you consider changing your business model a bit you will find better options that can help you improve all three.

Business growth is often determined by at least two things. How well you enable your sales team to be effective and happy doing what they do. And how well you treat your existing customers and entice those not yet customers.

The quality of your products and services is determined by how well you are aligned with your customer’s expectations, the quality perceived by your customers, and how happy your customers are doing business with you.

Cash Flow is affected by everything that happens in a business. But there are three key ingredients to positive cash flow. Operational Efficiencies, keeping SG&A low, and reducing Cost of Goods Sold.

Our customers have found the central theme to growth, quality, and positive cash flow. The answer is to implement efficient and effective business processes, CRM technology, and automation that is easy and helpful, and that engages their customers (in a positive way of course.) Read our blog on managing cost and cash flow for more insight.

If these are important to your business and you are the type that takes action then get on my calendar so we can get started!