I read John Boudreau’s We’re Not Going Back to Normal article this morning. On one hand even the Change Acceleration Process I learned at GE was not designed to handle the velocity of what we are experiencing. On the other hand, maybe in all the darkness there is the light of opportunity to “make change last” (taken from GE CAP) for goodness. Maybe not going back to normal is a difficult, but necessary step forward in some ways. To be better prepared for the next time. To be stronger and healthier as individuals and as a world community. Something to reflect on.

In the US this a different kind of “March Madness” than any of us could have imagined. To the world March introduced a giant Lion. We are all hoping for the Lamb to take his place. Until then vigilance to what we are being asked to do to stem the swell of infections is our part to help one another.

On an individual basis focusing on strength and well-being goes beyond the positive group behaviors. Just as the individual I-beams make the entire building strong, our individual strength and wellness matters. What a better time to reflect as individuals, and to make positive changes. The logic is simple. The proof easy to see. Closing the knowing-doing gap seems to be the challenge.

Fortunately there are people who share their playbooks that can help us get stronger, so that we can fight our ailments when they afflict us. Part of this change is to our habits. By example “not touching your face” is a difficult habit to change overnight. You may have seen the LinkedIn share that shows the woman asking us not to touch our faces but who licks her finger to turn the page. Or during the US presidential debate the candidate who says he is following healthy protocols like not touching his face and then ends doing a “knock on wood” on his forehead. The point is not to pick on either of them, but to show it simply is not easy for us to change habits quickly. But there are ways to accelerate change in your life.

You likely can make extra time to read at home now. Pick up James Clear’s ATOMIC HABITS. What a life story he has, and what a playbook to help eliminate bad and create good habits! When it comes to healthy living that may be an even tougher challenge for many of us. Once again, a great example of someone who refocused his life to being healthier and stronger has shared his playbook. Read Tim McGraw’s GRIT & GRACE. A playbook anyone, at any level can change up their life to be better prepared to deal with whatever comes at you.

And if you’re wondering, let me be clear about two things. I paid for both of these books and have no incentive for you to read them except that it may be of help to you. Second, I am not the epitome benefactor; but what better time than now to get stronger and healthier?

We at TIMIT wish you and yours wellness and strength. This too shall pass. Yet we need to do our social best and personal best to get beyond this.