Another good quote to share from Don Yaeger’s Daily Dose of Greatness regarding Core Values and Beliefs.

Quote: "Many companies have core values or core beliefs, but do you have stories to back them up?" Jesse Cole Owner of the Savannah Bananas

And Jesse nails it again with his question. Think about it…

Are your company’s core values or core beliefs…

  • KNOWN to everyone?
  • UNDERSTOOD by everyone?
  • Does everyone include your customers?
  • And to answer Jesse’s question, do you have the proof?

If you honestly do not know, are unsure, or you answer No to any of these then what do you do? The simple answer is to take action. The longer answer is to leverage the right mix of an expert and process to drive positive change. And to make sure you measure your results using tried and proven measures and metrics.Change is Good! (You go first)

The expert may be someone in your organization that has the skills to facilitate working through the process. And if you do not have anyone with those skills there are many reputable providers who can provide you with an expert. One proven process I used while at GE is GE’s Change Acceleration Process, or CAP. See this article where GELRAD uses CAP that “…addresses the needs of the humans involved in the change, ensuring they understand and contribute to the success of the initiative.” I use the GLERAD example since while at GE I heard their CEO – Elaine Kowansky – at the GE R&D Center be the first person I heard lecture on Artificial Intelligence and “Fuzzy Logic”.  She was ahead of her time!

In summary, having a great set of core values or core beliefs may look great in your “belieflets”. But if they are not known, understood, and practiced they will not create the results you intended. And if this is the case, the good news is you can take action to fix this. You can do this by levering a change expert and a proven change process. And you can ensure it is working by using proven measures and metrics along the way.

Tim Montgomery has had an extensive career in IT at GE, Stanley, and Cigna; and managed P&Ls for large global IT Services providers. For a decade he has run his own IT Services company – TIMIT Solutions.