The Coronavirus pandemic has put many businesses in a terrible situation. What was once an option to extend sales through digital transformation has become a necessary part of every business model. That is tough to do when being rushed. Before this cruel virus disrupted our businesses, we had the luxury of working with customers on a discovery process to fully understand their current environment and what digital environment would serve them, their employees, and their customers best. Now we see businesses rushing to decisions on technology based on the need to react to our shared COVID-19 crisis. No question certain changes need to be expedited to keep businesses in business. We have some ideas that may help you.

We have given this thought and see three major areas businesses need to focus on at this difficult juncture:

  • Manage cash flow while keeping critical operations going
  • Prepare your workforce to “get back to work” safely
  • Accelerate growth and be better prepared for the future


We continue to believe a proper discovery process is the most effective way to get your business what it needs to get the outcomes you expect. The COVID-19 pandemic has put added pressure on your business resources of time and cash. Getting your business back to work safely is paramount right now. To this end we are offering some help in these three areas.

To help with Cash Flow, we are offering COVID-19 special discounts and cash deferments:

  1. 50% discount on all discovery engagements
  2. FREE consultation on how Robotics Process Automation, AI and Machine Learning can reduce manual labor & other costs
  3. 15% discount on all paid engagements
  4. Two (2) month billing deferral


To help your business keep critical operations going and to “get back to work” safely we are offering: 

  1. FREE use of TIMIT training that tracks your workforce completion of CDC material-based COVID-19 training1
  2. 50% discount on Creatio CRM/BPM licensing through Oct 1st
  3. exclusive to organizations fighting COVID-19 pandemic on the front lines2
  4. 25% discount on Dynamedics through Oct 1st for COVID-19 screening & testing process and multi-party telehealth exclusive to organizations fighting COVID-19 pandemic on the front lines2
  5. 10% discount with PROMO Code TIMIT10 on TIMIT’s low-cost Electronic COVID-19 Questionnaire to get back to work more safely.




To offer support during our shared COVID-19 Crisis TIMIT and some of its technology partners are providing the following:

Eaxmine your business technology environment, its shortcomings and changes that will accelerate growth and reduce costs.

Evaluate trends and new opportunities for your business and develop an immediate plan of action for your business to thrive.

Show how low code/no code and custom solutions can streamline your business processeses, accelerate sales and reduce costs.

Complete 2-day RPA Discovery to determine areas Robotic Process Automation will increase efficiencies across your business.

1) There is underlying technology which is separate from TIMIT which is FREE for up to 500 submission per month, and cost $10/month for up to 2,000 submissions, and $24/month for up to 10,000 submissions. Businesses will set up their own account with the appropriate monthly subscription. TIMIT will provide you the training we developed at no cost to you.

2) Qualifying organizations include hospitals & other healthcare institutions, charitable or voluntary organizations, government agencies directly assisting people and companies with measures against COVID-19, and other organizations on the front line in the fight against the pandemic.

Our Partners Participating With TIMIT To Bring Your Business These Offers