Custom Software Development Boston MA

Custom Software fits the specific needs of your business and can give you an edge over your competition who uses “common software” designed for the masses. Custom Software puts you in control of your business processes, versus force-fitting your business to a set of processes designed generically for an industry.

Custom Software development allows you to pay-as-you-go, make changes along the way, and only pay for what your business needs. The most common development process – Agile – ensures your company complete flexibility from start to finish.

When it comes to application development, you want it to be flexible, cost-effective and you want to be kept-in-the loop. Agile does exactly this.

Here is a look at the Agile Process…

With Agile you decide what gets done and in what order. The functions and features you define for your business are broken down into segments of work (the “sprints”). You can change these, and the priorities, along the way. In this way Agile eliminates the risk of runaway projects and enables you to react to business and market changes.

Components of Custom Software Development

  • Application Development – designed specifically for what your business needs, and no more.
  • Big Data Integration – brings together your information and that of 3rd parties
  • Point Solutions – include things like Application Program Interfaces (APIs) that enable data integration automation.

Using all the top programming languages (JavaScript, Python, Java, PHP, C, C#, Swift, Ruby, etc.), event-driven platforms (e.g. VANTIQ) and leveraging opensource code all to increase speed and reduce your costs.