When you hear “2020” it is almost always related to your eyes and your ability to see clearly. When it comes to the year 2020 you can make this the year you see through the smoke and mirrors of “IT” to set a clear vision for your business. Make it transformative in terms of:

  • Enabling your business to be seen clearly by more and more who only use digital to communicate,
  • Exposing the cost in your business processes so the waste, or Muda, can be seen clearly and removed,
  • Streamlining and optimizing your Customer Relationships so you see clearly who your customers really are and what they want, and by
  • Improving your business functions so your employees see clearly the value they are adding to their customers, business, and our planet.

This may be a different definition of “transformation” than you are used to, but these are the outcomes that will clearly make your business more successful.

Sound easy, but still seems a lofty aspiration? Let’s talk. Sometimes an outside-in perspective is just the right eye chart to leverage. Knowing what an outside firm sees by understanding your business and how it operates can provide you a lens to better see the changes that will accelerate your business growth.

Customers that work on these outcomes improve their productivity on average 37%. I don’t know if you can achieve similar or greater results, but are you open to a short email exchange?

Tim Montgomery – [email protected]