EQ-driven outcomes not only are better for business but better for everyone. The topic of Emotional Intelligence (EQ) since Daniel Goleman publishedWoman's head showing face and structure of brain and spinal cord connection EMOTIONAL INTELLIGENCE in 1995 has become front and center in today’s society, globally. Hala Taha (linkedin.com/in/htaha) just had Daniel Goleman on her podcast (link: https://www.linkedin.com/video/event/urn:li:ugcPost:6975476318050136064/) and wow, what a listen! I’ll share just one of Dan’s statements on EQ that you can chew on for a while “It’s a different way of thinking about thinking”. In our personal and work lives, we can teach ourselves how to avoid letting our amygdala control how we respond to our emotions. How to avoid reacting in ways we regret later.

Listening intently to Dan speak, with his wealth of wisdom, makes it clear to me that EQ is the magic ingredient in better relationships, better business, better outcomes, and a better self. And unlike IQ, EQ can be learned, practiced, and optimized.

So how does this relate to what we do at TIMIT? In short, everything. If I paraphrase what I heard Dan say as critical to developing EQ competency, it boils down to caring. Caring about yourself, caring about others, and caring about the outcomes of your behaviors. His message is spot on today with all the stress and distractions technology has helped to accelerate. You have a house of cards if speeding up your business profits reduces how much you actually care about your customers, your employees, and yourself. The ends do not justify the means.Two hands joining pinky fingers as making a promise

TIMIT holds itself accountable for delivering what we promise. As cliché as that may seem it is built on caring about our customers, the partners we work with around the globe, and yes caring about ourselves too. In order to be able to deliver what we promise, what we promise must be reasonable and practical. To do this we must listen carefully to the emotions of our customers, our partners, and ourselves before we make a promise. Then we commit to delivering on those promises and going the extra mile to make it happen.

Getting to the point, if your Information Technology or “apps” inefficiencies, high cost, or how much time it takes away from your day is causing you stress, then let’s talk! We care about making your business, your customers, your employees, and yes you less stressed and happier.