Business people with spinning globe in middle of themIf you are a CIO, a CTO, or a business leader who manages your business technology, finding quality and affordable IT people can be challenging. There are so many choices and so little time to explore them all. Do you go farshore hoping to get the lowest cost? Or maybe nearshore is better since it fits your working hours? Then there are the freelancers far, near, and everywhere. So what is the issue here? You have an IT shop to run, and you are spending too much time finding, onboarding, and keeping the right IT people. Sound familiar? Ah but there is help, and if you are curious read on.

Having been in your shoes as CIO and managing P&Ls for large, global IT Service companies taught me both sides of the IT people demand and supply equation. Furthermore, constantly looking for better ways has presented some great solutions. Finding quality and affordable IT people involves three key steps. Oh, of course, it is more complicated than that but let us focus on the big three.

Step one to finding quality and affordable IT people requires having efficient access to them. That means you find the specific talent you need without anguishing over the age-old process that involves mountains of resumes, many of which are not appropriate, and in some cases not even authentic. Here you have two wonderful options – you pick!

The first option is to use self-service (Yes, not your time!), intelligent (yes AI!), automated (yes RPA!) screening to target appropriate people to then rank using again, self-service, intelligent and automated assessments. The technology works great, and you can fire it up very quickly. The payback in time and money versus using the old hiring process will astonish you.

The second option is – I know I am being cliché – to outsource what is important to you, but not what you want to spend all your time on. Whether you need people onsite, nearshore, farshore, or to complete IT project work for you (wherever they are) let the experts do the work for you. And do not get caught up becoming a Job Board cowboy (or cowgirl) instead of leading IT!

Street sign pole with top siign reading Independent Contractor and the lower one point in another direction reading Employee

Step two to finding quality and affordable IT people requires having an effective onboarding process. If it is too long or too complicated people will not stick around. Yet you will still waste your time and money. Again two wonderful options – you pick!

Option one is to find a BPM expert to help you transform your onboarding process to a) remove the waste, b) leverage best industry practices, and c) optimize the process from end-to-end (which can be accelerated further through the use of technology).

Option two is again to outsource what is important to get right without having to transform anything. Having an expert and an expert process to onboard your IT people is effective whether they will be employees, full-time consultants, or you want a team for a period of time to execute your IT project.

Step three to finding quality and affordable IT people requires having a mutually beneficial work environment. Why go through all the work of steps one and two just to lose a great person and go through the process again! Staying with our theme here you have at least two options – you pick!

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Option one is to leverage your Human Resource leadership. (And you can in turn help HR by introducing AI screening and assessment technology that makes their life easier.) If s/he has a seat on the CEO staff s/he can

be a great help to you. If you have read this far you are someone who already understands that people are your most important asset! And they all want to be successful and happy doing what they do best. Your HR superstar is your quarterback, your team captain, and the person who is in the driver’s seat to help you and your IT team be great.

Option two is again to leverage outsourced services (HR in this case) from reputable firms that have demonstrated success and have plenty of happy customers to tell you about it. This option is not mutually-exclusive to having an HR superstar in-house. You can leverage both to develop a stronger mutually beneficial work environment.

In summary, there are three key steps to finding quality and affordable IT people. And you have options for all three. These options will get you what is important to leading your IT shop. And by choosing the right ones you will get time back in your day.

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