If your business is not getting what it needs using off-the-shelf apps, maybe it is time for your own custom app done your way. 

What do you think of when you hear the words “custom app”? Do you think of high cost, long development time, high cost to maintain, or shorter shelf-life? Or do you realize it means you can…

  • avoid settling for what the masses settle for?Picture showing
  • get, and pay only for exactly what your business needs and no more?
  • Know what the app can do from day one since you defined it?

If you are in the first camp have you ever been frustrated because…

  • cannot make the app do what your business needs it to do
  • your employees find an app difficult to use, and
  • end up paying for all those unneeded bells and whistles!

So let’s address the myths.

Custom App’s perceived high cost means you are paying more than it is worth, and not getting a good ROI. Furthermore, if you can pay by the month and cancel anytime you have full control over the cost – right? On the contrary, if you are wasting critical time using an app that does not meet your business and customer needs or help you efficiently manage operations you are wasting time, money and potentially losing customers. Unlike Custom Off The Shelf apps (COTS) that operate using the lowest common denominator model, custom apps are designed specifically for your business and customer needs; and nothing else.

Custom App’s attention to your specific requirements is what Six Sigma would term “designing out the defects upfront” to save time in the long run.

Woman seeing "Time To Upgrade" on her computer screen.

Second, you are the architect of the features and functionality included in your custom app. Third, the developer of your custom app will provide advice based on knowledge and experience of what has been proven effective. And a custom app is developed in phases aligned with your top priorities and adapted to business and market changes. Have you ever tried to change a COTS app?

When it comes to high maintenance costs or short shelf-life a custom app is actually better. Explicitly you control the enhancements and freshness of your custom app. As a result, you get to decide when changes are made, and balance costs based on your business priorities and budget. Conversely, COTS apps are controlled by their makers. And when they get pulled off the shelves is not in your control. Ever received a notice that support has expired for the version of your COTS app? And you are asked to go through the business interruption of a major upgrade for changes that help the masses but not you.

Without a custom app your business will be forced into following procedures that are designed for the masses. Therefore you will serve your customers the same way your competitors do who use the same COTS app(s) to serve their customers. Hence you do not differentiate your business. Consequently, you risk losing customers.

Without a custom app you will follow the prescribed routines of the COTS app. Or be forced to create workarounds to try to operate more effectively and efficiently. And your employees may realize the app creates more work, not less.

In summary, let go of the myths about custom apps. Be in control of your app costs, and how it helps you run your business. A custom app helps you operate your business more effectively and efficiently. And is designed the way you know will best serve and grow your customer base.

If you’d like to discuss how a custom app can help you run your business operate more efficiently and effectively schedule a call with us!

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