Got IT?

Opened book with magnifying glass laying on it with words "CIOs Talent Playbook" as heading in this blog Got IT?I’d like to share the link to a sneak preview of Accelerance’s new book SYNERGEA which will be available March 5, 2024 (Link: The insight provided in this sneak preview (Chapter 2) is articulated best by the Guest Spotlight provided by Patrick Mee. His Playbook is spot on!

Gartner predicts significant increases in IT Services (including Consulting) in 2024 as the means for CIOs to build out their teams and get more done. (Source: All good news for CIOs and business leaders as long as they take to heart the advice of Outsourcing Experts who have long figured out the playbook of efficient and effective outcomes.

When it comes to whether a CIO has “Got IT?”, we at TIMIT have seen a growing interest in Nearshore Remote IT Talent for Mid-Market US businesses preferring similar work time zones. And we continue to assist US companies with Farshore Remote Talent where larger scale is required. Furthermore, TIMIT now offers Project Management Office (PMO) Services and assistance with Technology Product Business Development in Asia Pac. It sums up to be a Win–Win for CIOs and those of us who assist them.

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