On a call recently I heard a person suggest that since they had a “solid pipeline” we could rest assured any investment in their technology would be wise. In this case their solid pipeline was their sales funnel. Whether leads have not yet been fully vetted, are if they seem “close to close”, they are still just leads. I have a partner that lives by what he says, “It’s only real when the check clears”. To him a “solid pipeline” would simply mean it’s #2 instead of #1. He does not invest in them and is fairly sure it is not “wise” to do so.

Hot and cold copper pipes connected by feed line

Most people agree you need to know quite a lot about your sales opportunities to increase the odds of closing more deals. That goes far beyond hearing your prospect has a budget and is interested in what your selling. Your likely not the only one selling what their interested in, and budgets have shelf-lives and are part of the businesses funds everyone is competing for.

So how do get to know quite a lot about your sales opportunities to increase the odds of closing more deals? In today’s digital world that means having access to, and an easy way to decipher, information about the people related to the opportunities. In other words you need effective and efficient Customer Relationship Management (CRM) technology. Without it, even if you have a lot of information, it is too difficult and takes you too long to manage and make use of it. The good news is there are a few highly effective and efficient CRM technologies that can help you close more deals.

Venn diagram showing relation between a business, data and customers

Before starting a web search on CRM technologies, the first step is to understand CRM technology, what it will do for you, and how it can be used effectively in your business. Too many CRM implementations result in atrocious levels of adoption. So take a thoughtful approach and first consult with an expert to discuss everything from “Why do I need CRM”, “How do we implement it correctly”, and “How will it help meet our business KPIs?”.

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