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What Talent Shortage?

The “Talent Shortage” is a symptom. If you consider it a problem here is TIMIT’s Solutions Roadmap to solve it for you.

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Access to specific talent or local talent scarcity

You are challenged to find the specific talent you need at a reasonable cost, or need local talent and cannot find it.

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Time to Hire the "right" talent

You are challenged by how long it takes to hire and/or to find “the right” person to hire for a specific role.


  • Nearshore Talent – GLOFY
  • Advanced Data Analytics – BigTapp
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Attraction & Retention

You are challenged to attract and retain talent and to scale up quickly and at a competitive cost.

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Keeping Shifts Filled

You are challenged beyond talent acquisition to keeping shifts filled once you have the people you need.


TIMIT has vast and deep experience with talent acquisition and organization development. If you could use a little help or like to discuss your options let’s talk.

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