Of course everyone wants to create and leave a great legacy. Unless that means leaving behind the legacy IT environment you proudly built. At least two solid arguments are the line of defense of all great legacy IT environments. First, there is no payback to replace it since only one employee and a retiree back as a consultant support the entire environment. Second, bleeding edge technology replacement options are named that for a reason. Going first is a double-edged sword of high risk and tough lessons.

So then why would you ever leave your legacy? For starters, new generations of customers that grew up in the digital age don’t care about your legacy. In fact they don’t have the patience it requires to work with it. They want it now, they want it on their terms, and they will go elsewhere in a nano-second.Ski slope with one set of ski trail down the trail

If you’re not a risk-taker you don’t have to be the first to try out bleeding edge innovation. Just don’t wait too long or the conditional opportunity may leave your business behind. If you are a risk-taker you can avoid the double-edged sword by engaging with an IT firm that is willing to invest its time to understand your business in terms of process and technology. Specifically, how you run your business, and how you interact with your customers. With this understanding of what is called the “As-Is” business environment, you collaborate on a “To-Be” environment that will reduce time and effort inside your business, and as it relates to your customers doing business with you. This will drive cost reduction and increased sales for your business.

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