When it comes to evaluating your business’s legacy information technology (Legacy IT) it is important not to focus on technology first but on your business strategy and what the market demands. Too often businesses hire an IT consultant to come in and look at their legacy environment with the intent to upgrade the technology without first making sure their business strategy meets what their market demands.

Rarely does your solution involve “throwing out the baby with the bath water”. So cold turkey is not the strategy here. And although you will find some “quick hits” to lower costs and increase your customers’ experience, choosing to “shoot from the hip” would not work well if this were a Turkey Shoot. A little patience to follow a proven process yields much better results.

Mael turkey with feather fully fluffed out

The process TIMIT follows with its customers is to first understand their business by listening to them and doing our due diligence on their industry and the markets they serve. Then we recommend a discovery to go through the necessary business process mapping and benchmarking. Then we align their business processes with their business strategy. Only then is it time to layer on whatever technology is required to support that strategy.

The reality is that often legacy IT can continue to be leveraged while updating certain components and integrating with third-party solutions to support your business strategy and serve your markets better. This both preserves your IT investments and gets you in line with customers’ expectations. We look at the market from the perspective of what customers expect and work backward to the strategy, then to the processes, and finally to the technology that supports those processes. Lastly, we optimize the processes to drive down costs and accelerate your operations.

The process drives results for your business and your customers.

  • Lower operating and IT maintenance costs
  • An improved customer experience
  • Elimination of manual processes and associated errors
  • Increased sales and higher margins

Curious about what the process can do for your business?

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