Monday Cup of Joe – Had your second cup of joe yet?Cup of Coffee with TIMIT logo in the froth on top related to blog Monday Cup of Joe.

If you find yourself spinning your wheels trying to figure out just what information technology (IT) is right for, and truly needed in your business, you are not alone. And an extra cup of joe may make the wheels spin faster but may not reduce the stress of figuring all this out. That’s where TIMIT comes in! Before founding TIMIT, Tim worked in executive roles (VP, SVP, and CIO) at large corporations, and managed business for large-scale IT Services corporations. Why does this matter to you? Because we have first-hand experience developing IT strategies on the customer side, and experience helping customers execute those strategies from the IT Services Partner side.

Since founding TIMIT over a decade ago we find ourselves getting revved up more than a cup of joe can do by hearing things like “You get it!”, “You understand my situation.”, and “It’s fun to work with you.” We have experienced the pain and the joys of success just like you. And we love helping replace pain with the joy of success.

If you would like to share with us your current challenges, we will share some ideas on how to solve those. Let’s Talk. We get IT!

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