What is more important, People, Process, or Technology?

If I had been given a Buffalo Nickel every time I heard, or I myself stated, something about People-Process-Technology I would never need to split another log for our fireplace! And yet here is another opportunity to gain a Buffalo Nickel.

Let’s start with technology. And not because my career has and continues to be in information technology. Because I have learned that of the three technology has the weakest correlation to business success. For example, if you have a flawed process, using technology to do it faster will only accelerate its negative effects on your business. Worse yet, if your organization is weak no amount of technology investment will solve a poor customer experience or negative sales growth. Technology should be used as the grease to accelerate your business when you have ensured you have great people and processes.

Next is the process. Implementing technology around poor business processes is a really bad decision. And people subjected to awful processes do not stick around. Removing waste and friction from your business processes will save you, your employees, and your customers money, time, and frustration! Sure your best people will create workarounds that let them perform better, or serve your customers better. But this is both a waste of their talent and showing them that your leadership is absent.

Last, and most important, are your people. Short of being trapped on a deserted island with the option for a person, a cool process, or access to Starlink, your business success correlates most strongly with your leadership and your team. BOTs may be cute, even cool, but there is nothing like a real person who you sense genuinely cares about the struggle you are having with your product or service. Great leaders build great organizations, that in turn build great customer relationships.

In summary, your leadership and your people are strongly correlated to your business success. Your business process efficiency saves your business, your employees, and your customers time, money, and frustration. And technology is the grease that makes your organization, and your processes accelerate your business.

FYI – TIMIT does not always try to sell you IT, but when we do we first work with you to ensure IT is completely aligned with what your people need, and that your business processes are optimized. Then, and only then is it about IT.

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