Now is the time to plan for the coming year’s business IT initiatives. Here are some ideas that will help you plan and deliver the projects associated with those initiatives. 

  • When defining the schedule, apply “stretch” targets. Stretch targets are more aggressive milestone dates your IT team and IT partners focus on to further ensure you hit your actual milestones. 
  • Use Agile methodology when developing new applications. Agile enables you to learn as you go. And you will avoid the delay of documenting every detail upfront without knowledge of the changes that may take place in your business and the market. 
  • Evaluate alternative team models to 
    1. Access the best talent without having to hire for every position 
    2. Mitigate risk by sharing responsibility with your IT partner(s) 
    3. Increase your ROI by leveraging lower-cost, high-quality talent 
    4. Align your people to your core business strengths and focus 

(Use TIMIT’s Team Model Tool to help you decide on the model that is best for you: TIMIT Team Modeling Tool 

  • Integrate Risk Abatement Plans with each of your IT Projects to significantly reduce project-related risks. (Read our blog on RAP: ) 
  • Involve participation from a diverse group of people across your business’s functions to increase the insight into the opportunities and risks you need to manage. 
  • After the Plan, the Schedule, and your RAP are created, take some time to let it sit and think through it. Then revisit it with a fresh look to see what can be further improved and validate those changes with your original diverse group of participants. 

The best of luck to you with next year’s IT Initiatives!