Waiting or leading to win?

I used to joke about the “You are not a winner this time” message as meaning “You are a loser” when my Wheel of Fortune Spin ID didn’t come through. They have toned it down a bit now to…

Joking aside it is a great show I have enjoyed watching for years, and I have a “spin ID” for extra fun.

Leading a business on the other hand is not always fun. And relying on luck of the draw to win is, well ridiculous. You business owners know this as well as I do. So with the advent of inflation now you have a new challenge to turn into an opportunity in 2023. Right?

Simple. Just turn the cash flow challenges of your competitors to your advantage by reducing operating costs and finding the right mix of CapEx and OpEx to tip the scales in your favor. At TIMIT we deal with IT – Information Technology – or current acronyms of AI, ML, RPA, and the rest of the alphabet soup. What we help our customers do to manage better cashflow includes:

  • Remove costly manual business processes => automation (RPA is a part of this)
  • Get Digital => Get rid of most of the paper
  • Integrate and Leverage your Data => This is the “miracle grow” for Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning
  • KISS => Simplify, Remove the Muda (waste), make the Customer Experience (CX) great => Accelerate growth in your business.

If any of this is relevant to your business then schedule some time on my calendar => https://calendly.com/tim_montgomery/zoom-discussion-with-tim-montgomery