A large letter A with an eyeball in the middle and an ear to the right acting as a C in the word accessibility used in article Web Accessibility is still front and center“Web Accessibility” is still front and center. And it has been around long enough for every business, large and small, to understand the basics of why it is important to society and to your business. Yet, according to this article in Forbes “…98% of U.S.-based websites are not compliant with accessibility standards.” That means most businesses are not only at risk of being sued but not taking advantage of what is estimated at 25% of their potential customer market!

You may have looked at the cost it takes to rebuild and re-code your website and thought it daunting. And you are right. The cost is high. But there is a way to make your website much more accessible that is quick and low-cost. And all you have to do is schedule some time to let us get it done for you. So go ahead and get on my calendar so we can get you out of that 98%! Schedule your call here: https://calendly.com/tim_montgomery/let-s-discuss-accessibility

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