You may have been faced with a situation that perhaps justifies an outside expert weigh in. Let’s face it, the rate at which technology changes is so fast we can’t “know it all”. Whether it’s an urgent fix or a new business strategy, keeping an open mind to a contractor may give you exactly what you need.


It’s clear why an IT contractor can be valuable:

Specialized skills to complete project or task

You don’t have extra manpower to take a full time employee away from daily tasks

Cheaper (temporary job)

Need an outside opinion- different point of view

A person who has experience with similar challenges & willing to learn quickly

Unbiased; do not have ties to anyone or the company

Reduced overhead costs/no health benefits

When making decisions you turn to someone who can back you up

You may say some of these can also be viewed as a negative and that’s completely justified; bringing on a contractor is not a solution for challenge or problem within a company.

A contractor is paid provide the best possible solution or outcome for your company; of course determined by your written agreement. It’s their specific knowledge which is crucial to the hiring because that knowledge may not and just simply is not required to your salary paid employee. And wouldn’t you agree the less time taken away from day-to-day tasks is better than lagging behind altogether?

More likely associated with shorter term projects, IT contractors can provide help when things just need a little”fine-tuning”.

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