If you are a business owner, CEO, or the person in a business function where the buck stops, you run the risk of burnout. This can happen for many reasons. It could be that you do not have confidence in those you depend on even though they are more than capable. Or you thrive on the thrills of being the one who can do it all. Yet that is not likely your issue. It is more likely there is too much manual effort required to run your business or function. Furthermore, the process is unnecessarily too complex or disorganized. To know if this is true ask yourself these questions.

Frustrated man sitting at a desk with chins on his wrists and a clock, laptop and stuff all over his desk.

  • Is the information you need hard to manage or bring together in a way it is easy to use?
  • Are you relying on spreadsheets that each person has their way of maintaining?
  • Are there broken steps in your processes that just dead ends unless you take action?
  • Are your customers unable to buy your products and services without your help?
  • Does your technology environment take too much effort to maintain and keep running?
  • Are you able to get home in time for dinner with your family or does business get in the way?

Well, today (August 15th) is National Relaxation Day which encourages individuals to slow down and unwind. And according to the 42% rule you need 10 hours of relaxation to avoid burnout. Now that can include things you enjoy doing, like exercising, taking in nature, or just curling up with a good book. But it does not include the stress of trying to manage a business that is unnecessarily too difficult! And you can fix that by…

  • Removing unnecessary steps in your business processesCanoe with paddle on peaceful lake with treelined shores
  • Automating necessary but repetitive tasks
  • Digitizing transactions for your customers
  • Replacing legacy technology with those more efficient
  • Rationalizing your IT environment to reduce issues and costs

By taking these steps you will…

  • Get more time back in your day – get home in time for dinner more often!
  • Improve your customers’ experience – happier customers!
  • Make work easier for your employees – happier employees!
  • Drive efficiency throughout your business – lower operating costs!
  • Accelerate business growth – more sales with less time and money!

Or you can stay the status quo. But can you afford to do that to yourself and your business?

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